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Sometime in Life, we become so focused on the Finish Line that we fail to find JOY in the Journey

Intimacy – The fragnance of love is lost


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…..Destination or Destiny

….choose your life path…. Continue reading

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Goddess Gayatri – Gayatri Mantra & It’s Meaning

Goddess Gayatri is depicted seated on a lotus. She is depicted with five faces representing the pancha pranas /pancha vayus (five lives/winds): prana, apana,vyana, udana, samana, of the five principles/ elements (pancha tatwas) earth, water, air, fire, sky (prithvi, jala, … Continue reading

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Your inner beauty reflects on your face….. Live a stress-free life Continue reading

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Our Gratitude to Mother Earth & Love for Next Generation

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Buddha or Vaishakha Purnima (21st May 2018)

The full moon day in the month of May (May 21st, 2018) is known as Vaishakha Purnima or Buddha Purnima. But this is no ordinary Purnima, as it is observed worldwide as the day that Gautam Buddha was born (563 … Continue reading

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Build Confidence

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Look Ahead


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